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Training workshop within “Strengthening institutional Capacities of the Agency for Quality Assurance in Education” Project


On March 7, a training workshop on “Accreditation in Higher Education and the role of experts” was held within the “Strengthening institutional Capacities of the Agency for Quality Assurance in Education” project. The workshop was delivered by the international expert Dr. Achim Hopbach. The project is funded by the European Union to assist the Agency for Quality Assurance in Education. The Project is implemented by consortium led by “IBF International Consulting”.

The specific objective of the project is to improve the capacities of the Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (TKTA), to develop and introduce new mechanisms on accreditation of education institutions, quality assurance processes at all educational levels, recognition of prior learning, as well as recognition of foreign qualifications in accordance with advanced European experience. The project covers activities in five directions including, strengthening regulatory framework and capacities of the TKTA on accreditation, quality assurance, supporting TKTA to apply for full ENQA membership, improving communication function and strengthening research and analytics capacity of TKTA.

About a hundred experts from various higher education institutions participated in the training organized for local experts on accreditation. Training workshop covered international practices in the field of accreditation in higher education and European Higher Education Area, expert-based evaluation, the role experts and preparation of accreditation report.

This project is implemented under the Financing Agreement (Education for Employment in Azerbaijan) between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Union. “Education for Employment in Azerbaijan” (ENI/2018/041-537) Annual Action Programme 2018 is financed under European Neighbourhood Instrument.