Support to Transformation and Achievement of Excellence in Pomegranate Value Chain (STEP)

Project Description
The 20-month pomegranate value chain project will cover 2,000 small scale pomegranate-growing farmers having 1-5 ha pomegranate orchards in 100 villages of Goychay, Kurdamir, Ujar, Sabirabad, Hajigabul, Imishli and Saatli regions aimed at increasing their welfare. Here they will have access to new and best agri-technical methods, tools and food safety issues via trainings, workshops, agronomist consultation in order to increase productivity and quality.
During the project, technical assistance will be provided to pomegranate growers in order to increase the opportunities for agritourism in 5 pomegranate farms identified by AZTA-Azerbaijan Tourism Association, as a co-applicant of PPEAA during the project. As a result of the agro-tourism program, pomegranate tours and technical assistance, farmers and their communities will be able to receive both local and foreign tourists, sell fruits and other pomegranate products for higher profits, and directly promote local cuisine.
Specific Objective
- Organizational development of PPEAA through Advisory Board and 7 field (local) support teams for agricultural extension services;
- Support to farmers’ capacity building;
- Improving the quality and safety of products through educating farmers on Global G.A.P. disciplines;
- Facilitation of access of urban consumers to products of local pomegranate producing communities.
Expected Results
- 2000 small-scale pomegranate growers from 100 communities benefiting from increased productivity and better access to markets and services;
- Creation of alternative sources of income for smallholders from agritourism;
- Creation of employment options for women in the areas of processing, sales, and agritourism;
- Sustainable operation of PPEAA in pomegranate-growing regions.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that creates
Agriculture and rural development
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Pomegranate Producers and Exporters Association of Azerbaijan (PPEAA)
Funding by the EU:
€502 210
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