Modernization of Barda Vocational Lyceum

Project Description
The overall objective is to modernize vocational education and training in Barda Vocational Lyceum (BVET) by enhancing quality, equality, relevance and access in line with European standards and practices. The Action aims to create modern organizational and management system in BPL, upgrade/renovate workshops and classrooms, improve technical capacities of teachers and instructors, develop new curricula modules and increase public awareness of the lyceum and its programs.
The main target groups of the Action are (1) management team and teachers of BVET; (2) current and prospective students and (3) private sector and employers interested in BVET’s graduates. The major outcomes for these target groups will be vocational school that provides competitive and marketable skills to young people in Barda and surrounding regions- Aghdam, Ter-ter, Yevlakh, Aghcabedi, Beylegan, Goranboy and Aghdash.
Specific Objective
- Build institutional and organizational capacity of BVET;
- Introduce demand-driven and competency-based curricula;
- Identify and mobilize financial resources for sustainable operations;
- Strengthen the technical capacity of management, teachers and instructors/masters;
- Contribute to the modernization of existing infrastructure and facilities;
- Enhance attractiveness of BVET as a “center of excellence” in VET and “business and social partner” for community and employers.
Expected Results
- Modern VET school with new management systems and organizational capacity with close engagement of private and public partners established;
- Competency-based curricula with strong dual VET education components introduced and applied;
- Academic capability and technical skills of teachers improved;
- Quality assurance systems established and operationalized;
- Graduates of BVET are equipped with skills and knowledge that are attractive and relevant to the needs of current agriculture labour market;
- Innovative and sustainable finance mechanisms and sources identified and institutionalized in partnership with public and private partners;
- Modernized facilities and infrastructure made available to teachers and students through collaborative efforts with key stakeholders;
- BVET visibility and image as a local center of excellence and local provider of skills and employment opportunities for community improved.
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