Strengthening of Agricultural Advisory Services

Project Description
The project is contributing to the efforts of the Government of Azerbaijan to develop a strategy and an effective collaborative implementing framework for a sustainable agricultural advisory service system thereby enabling it to better respond to current and future challenges in the agriculture sector in a sustainable and collaborative manner.

It will achieve this by working with local stakeholders in a participatory manner throughout, beginning with the ‘Strategic’ activities. These will call on relevant EU policies as far as applicable and make use of EU, EU member state and wider international and FAO good practices.

Specific Objective
To assist the Government of Azerbaijan and service providers in rural areas to better understand and adopt operational systems, processes and services that are more focused, targeted and relevant to increasing farm incomes while protecting and enhancing the natural environment.
Expected Results
A five-year strategy and effective collaborative implementing framework for a sustainable agricultural advisory service; An improved agricultural advisory services delivery framework in place and operational; Improved collaborative networks, group activity and partnership approaches for agriculture advisory services delivery including those between public and private sectors.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that protects
Governance & public administration
Good government, Agriculture
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Food and Agriculture Organization – United Nations, Azerbaijan
Funding by the EU:
€1 600 000
EU Project Number:

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