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Increasing Road Safety in Azerbaijan

Project Description
The EU-funded Twinning Project “Increasing Road Safety in Azerbaijan” is led by the Polish Centre for EU Transport Project (CEUTP) and implemented with the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 7th October, 2022.

The Overall Objective of the Project is to contribute to the reduction of road crashes, especially ones resulting in death or severe health injuries and socio-economic damage. The Specific Objective of the Project is to improve legal and institutional capacities and staff competences of lead and participating public agencies and other stakeholders to better manage, coordinate and address traffic safety issues in Azerbaijan.
The expected outcomes of this project are aimed at enhancing road safety management system in Azerbaijan through enhancement of road safety legislation, processes, database, capacity building and raising awareness.
Specific Objective
- Strengthening of legal and institutional framework of road safety system
- Setting up an effective Road Safety Management System
- Human resources development, education, advocacy and promotion in road safety
Expected Results
- National road safety legislation and technical regulations aligned with EU directives, regulations, decisions and the requirements of international conventions
- Organizational set-up of transport sector institutions in charge for road safety improved for implementing the legislation and technical requirements as well as better coordination and management of road safety measures
- Planning and follow up as well as co-ordination and co-operation between all the relevant partners in charge for road safety improved
- Road Accidents Prevention mechanism improved
- Road safety measurement and reporting system improved
- Establishment of an effective single traffic and accidents database and data management system is facilitated
- Knowledge and skills of the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport as well as other state authorities in charge for the road safety on EU acquis and best practices as well as International Conventions increased
- Countrywide traffic safety awareness-rising and communication strategy prepared and implementation supported
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