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EU4Lankaran: EU Support to Lankaran-Astara Economic Region of Azerbaijan Project

Project Description
The main objective is to support Government efforts in the diversification and recovery of the economy from the COVID-19 Pandemic while promoting the balanced and inclusive growth of economically sound regions through enhancing the competitiveness and value-adding of the fruit and vegetable sector of the Lankaran economic region.
Specific Objective
The purpose of the project is the improvement of the system for territorial development planning under consideration and reflection of climate change concerns in natural resource management and introduces regional profiling to the economic region, the improvement of entrepreneurial and investment conditions in the region and the establishment of a modern network of local economic and community cooperation hubs in the fruit and vegetable sub-sector.
Expected Results
Result 1: A district level socio-economic and environmental diagnosis is conducted and a profile with overview and features of the district is prepared for each district of the Lankaran economic region
Result 2: A smart specialisation strategy for the fruit and vegetable sub-sector is developed as a foundation for the territorial development plans
Result 3: Territorial Development Plans for the Lankaran economic region and its six districts are designed and piloted
Result 4: Cooperation and communication between Lankaran fruit and vegetable sector actors is improved through the establishment of a modern network of local economic and community cooperation hubs
Result 5: Applied agricultural research delivery and smart technology transfer are improved in the Lankaran economic region as a driver of cooperation and communication in the fruit and vegetable sub-sector
Result 6: Market access is enhanced through improving food safety standards and producer-buyer linkages and e-services are strengthened.
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Partnership that empowers
Public Administration Reform
Agriculture, Local development, COVID-19
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