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EU Delegation celebrates International Women’s Day 2023


The Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan celebrated International Women’s Day today by acknowledging the achievements of women in Azerbaijan and thanking the women who are taking part in the “She is the Power/ Qadin Böyük Güvvədir” campaign, at a reception held at The Rotunda in Baku.

“What makes a women powerful? How are women using their power? We see women everywhere making a huge impact on society and Azerbaijan is not an exception, “said Peter Michalko, the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Azerbaijan. “The EU is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day in partnership with twenty-seven inspirational Azerbaijani women from various fields who have become the “faces” of our campaign. The EU supports several projects that are benefitting women all over Azerbaijan and we are very proud of their achievements. You will hear from some of them today,” he added.

At the event, Ambassador Michalko congratulated the women who are taking part in the campaign. This includes women from the fields of Culture, Education, Sport, Civil Society, Business, Health and women from professions that are usually male dominated such as pilots and security guards.

“We are lucky to have with us here today some of the twenty-seven women who are the faces of this campaign. These women have not only inspired us through the work they do and their messages through this campaign, we are sure they will continue inspiring future generations, and act as role models for young Azerbaijanis for years to come,” said Ambassador Michalko.

EU Ambassadors also took part in the reception, that included a presentation of the campaign elements and performances and speeches by women beneficiaries of EU funded projects as well as women taking part in the campaign. Following the screening of the campaign videos and awarding of certificates, the reception concluded with a jazz performance by Ahmedovski. The event provided an excellent networking opportunity and a context to celebrate the achievements of not only the “faces” of the campaign but all women in Azerbaijan.