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WHO and UNICEF support digitalization of healthcare in Azerbaijan


In the framework of the European Union (EU)-funded COVID-19 Vaccination Support project, experts from the WHO Regional Office for Europe are visiting Azerbaijan for a five-day mission to evaluate the country’s Immunization Information System (IIS).   

WHO experts carry out an assessment of the management of IIS, recording and reporting, digital tools, medical staff capacity, service delivery procedures, vaccine logistics management, and monitoring methodologies. The team held meetings with national healthcare authorities and international counterparts and visited the Republican Hygiene and Epidemiology Center. Tomorrow they will also visit the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center and healthcare facilities in the Guba Region to better understand the existing system.

During their visit, WHO experts met with Mr Rufat Hajialibayov, the Advisor to the Minister of Health for the digitalization of health system, and other officials from the Ministry of Health, the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance (SAMHI), and TABIB, where they discussed the importance of IIS for strengthening the healthcare system, vaccination coverage, and eHealth strategy. The officials also noted that the digitalization of healthcare is one of the main priorities of the Government of Azerbaijan.

The EU-funded COVID-19 Vaccination Support project, implemented by World Health Organization since June 2021, covers a three-year fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthens daily immunization programs in six Eastern Partnership countries, including Azerbaijan. The project is part of the continued support of the European Union and WHO to Azerbaijan.