Promoting local food production and agri-business owners through advisory services, the creation of new value chain models and agri-tourism development

Project Description
The overall objective of this Action is to improve access to comprehensive agricultural and entrepreneurial-oriented advisory services in order to further develop and market local products and harness agri-tourism potential.
Specific Objective
- Ensuring equal opportunities to local, young and women farmers to access business advice to successfully manage and grow their agri-business;
- Expanding local agri-business value chains and promoting local ingredients and agri-tourism through connecting farmers directly to schools, restaurants and tourist agencies.
Expected Results
- Strengthened local advisory services contributed to community driven agricultural networks that support a market driven small and medium sized farms based agricultural production in the target regions;
- New market opportunities for small and medium sized farms and increased regional consumption of locally produced agricultural products contributed to a sustainable increase in small and medium sized farms’ revenue and the diversification of their income sources;
- Boosted agri-tourism, increased direct sales, and new market linkages contributed to promoting local, traditional foods and the diversification of small and medium sized farms’ income sources;
- Small and medium sized farms’ improved and strengthened their marketing capacities, production and packaging technologies and quality assurance and thus increased their revenue and diversified income sources.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that creates
Agriculture and rural development
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD), Center for Economic Development (CED)
Funding by the EU:
€569 719
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