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EU-Azerbaijan Business Forum 2024-2026

Project Description
The Government of Azerbaijan is committed to diversifying the economy and strengthening the non-oil sector. EU cooperation with Azerbaijan supports the country's reform agenda, in particular in the areas of economic diversification, sustainable growth, social development, connectivity, good governance, and the rule of law. The efficient development and diversification of the economy depend, among other, on the favourable business environment in Azerbaijan. The creation of such an environment that would allow businesses to prosper can be achieved via effective public-private dialogue and cooperation.

This EU-funded project aims at strengthening the non-oil sector development in Azerbaijan by improving cooperation within the local EU business community (chambers of commerce of the EU Member States and business and trade development agencies and networks in Azerbaijan). This project also aims at providing easy-to- access tools and contacts to relevant local stakeholders, and information on a regulatory framework to EU businesses that produce sustainable products and technologies and are interested in entering the Azerbaijan market (and vice-versa).
Specific Objective
The overall objective of this project is to strengthen the non-oil sector development by improving the business climate in Azerbaijan and to support the economic diversification of the country.

The specific objectives of this project are:
1. To support the creation of a structured public-private dialogue to promote economic cooperation development between businesses from the EU and Azerbaijan;
2. To strengthen the awareness and knowledge of the business climate in Azerbaijan and investment opportunities for EU businesses;

These specific objectives will be achieved through a variety of activities. The project will produce new annual editions of EU Business Climate Reports Azerbaijan that provide an assessment of the business climate in Azerbaijan and achievements and challenges in the EU-Azerbaijan economic cooperation. Annual EU-Azerbaijan Business Forums in Baku will also be organized, as well as business missions of European companies to regions of Azerbaijan with the aim of exploring current developments and investment opportunities for EU businesses in Azerbaijani regions. Further, the project is going to organize a new Digital Networking platform, creating a space that connects businesses and allows to share publicity on events and exchange ideas among EU companies operating or intending to operate in Azerbaijan. Finally, this project will produce a study on the trade sector development in Azerbaijan, providing more insights into the business environment of Azerbaijan.
Expected Results
- The EU Business Climate Reports Azerbaijan for 2022/2023, 2024, and 2025 are produced;
- The EU-Azerbaijan Business Forums take place in Baku in 2024, 2025 and 2026;
- The operational management of the Digital Networking Platform EU-Azerbaijan Business Forum is organized;
- Two sector-specific business missions to the regions of Azerbaijan (outside of Baku) take place in 2024 and in 2026;
- A study on the trade sector development in Azerbaijan is produced.
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