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Country-specific Investment Climate Reviews and Action Plans for Eastern partnership countries (ICAP Phase II)

Project Description
The overall objective of this projece is to contribute to the development of sustainable and equitable economic growth models in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. This can generate more investments and improve socio-economic conditions and employment opportunities for women and men in the region. The Phase II of the ICAPs will reflect the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and war on Ukraine and the implementation of targeted technical assistance activities to address priority reforms.
Specific Objective
- Improved macro-economic and public policies
- Improved governmental design and implementation of structural reforms.
Expected Results
- Improved business and investment climate for women and men entrepreneurs;
- Improved policy evidence for governments to prioritise and design structural reforms;
- Strengthened capacities of partner governments, and the EU, to design and implement structural reforms
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Priority Area:
Business, Eastern Partnership, Local development, Women
EaP Countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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