VET for the future: development of VET providers' excellence in Azerbaijan

Project Description
The project’s main goal is to support the Government of Azerbaijan in strengthening the quality of the VET system by modernizing institutions to deliver competence-based training suited to the needs of the labour market.
The project is structured around the following three pillars:
• 1: Introduction of innovation in the selected VET providers
• 2: Infrastructure and equipment modernization in the target group of selected VET providers
• 3: Capacity development for VET providers in Azerbaijan
The project will also implement the following three horizontal measures designed to support system delivery by supporting State Agency on Vocational Education to develop and test a competitive financing mechanism (small grants) for VET providers, develop and implement a communication strategy on VET reform in Azerbaijan, also supporting pilot actions to engage youth in VET.
Specific Objective
The purpose of the Action is to provide continuing support to the State Agency on Vocational Education in the creation of a coherent national VET system, addressing institution building, system development, and system delivery issues.
Expected Results
- A comprehensive modernization and strategic development of VET Centers is ensured;
- VET reforms at the national level through the application of innovations and best practices is supported;
- Infrastructure and equipment and to mitigate the negative impacts of COVID-19 is provided;
- Awareness-raising, capacity building support and promotion of all VET centers in Azerbaijan is organised;
- Competitive financing mechanisms (small grants) for VET providers is developed and tested;
- Development and implementation of communication strategy and pilot actions to engage youth in VET sector is supported.
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Education, Research and Innovation
Education, Skills
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