Partnership for Good Governance to present results of projects in Azerbaijan and plans for 2021


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The EU-Council of Europe Partnership for Good Governance (PGG) programme will present the results of its actions in Azerbaijan, as well as its plans for 2021 at the programme’s Steering Committee meeting for Azerbaijan on Monday 1 February.

The participants will assess the impact of COVID-19 on the implementation of the programme and discuss mitigation measures undertaken by the project teams to address the most urgent needs of the Azerbaijani authorities with regard to the domestic reforms in the field of judiciary, combating corruption and discrimination.

The programme is implementing three country-specific projects in Azerbaijan for the period 2019-2021, with a total budget of around 2 million. These projects assist the country’s authorities to counter money laundering and asset recovery, strengthen the efficiency and quality of the judicial system and to raise awareness of the Istanbul Convention and Gender Equality Standards.

Azerbaijan is also taking part in regional PGG projects aimed at preventing and combating economic crime, facilitating the access of women to justice, as well as strengthening the access to justice through non-judiciary redress mechanisms for victims of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech. The total budget of these projects is around 3.7 million.

The EU provides 80% of the funding of the projects, while the Council of Europe provides the rest of the funding and is in charge of their implementation.

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