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Nizami Musayev and his “Caravan” brand


Nizami Musayev is from Balakan. He has been doing persimmon growing and selling work for over 15 years. He joined this EU- funded project with three other persimmon growers. Nizami has remarkable organizational skills and made an interesting proposal about the other potential families. Instead of applying to the project separately and competing, he suggested to team up with other families to develop the same product. “Let’s unite under one common brand, not under four different one, so we can produce the same quality, produce more, and sell more,” said the entrepreneur, who literally founded a de-facto mini-cooperative of dried persimmon producers. 

The project is implemented by UNDP with ABAD and aims to support the development of small family businesses in the Shaki-Zaqatala economic zone. The project provided all these persimmon producer families with professional drying ovens and refrigerators. Furthermore, the families attended all the trainings, learned from the field experts, and signed a contract with ABAD. Persimmon crisps have been tasted by potential buyers during promotional activities in various supermarkets and now are on sale under the “Caravan” brand.  Persimmon crisps that previously dried under the sun, are now made in a more hygienic, technological way, retain their freshness for a longer period of time, and are absolutely loved by people.