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In six months, the number of enrolments by Azerbaijani healthcare workers on OpenWHO training platform increased tenfold to 18,000


The European Union (EU) and the World Health Organization (WHO) joint Solidarity for Health Initiative and COVID-19 Vaccination Support projects continue to support online capacity-building activities of healthcare workers. In this regard, the Azerbaijan Page of OpenWHO ( online training platform has been launched. There are links to the courses in Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian languages, as well as the FAQ section placed on the Page. OpenWHO presents the links to over 155 free and online available courses including the COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccination classes prepared by WHO experts.

With the support of TABIB, Azerbaijani healthcare workers actively join online courses on OpenWHO platform. Over the last six months, the number of enrolments in OpenWHO courses increased tenfold to 18,000. Along with this, 50 health facilities and healthcare workers were acknowledged for their active participation in the continuous medical education activities within EU-WHO projects.

Ujar District Central Hospital, Yevlakh District Central Hospital, Republican Clinical Hospital, as well as two pediatric policlinics №2 and №20 located in Baku reached the highest number of enrolments among the healthcare facilities that joined online courses on OpenWHO platform.    

As for the healthcare workers, Dr Ziyafat Guliyeva from the pediatric policlinic №20 ranked the highest by completing 81 courses on the platform. Trying to become aware of the latest international medical tendencies and following novelties in the field, the doctor also got very interested in OpenWHO courses.  

“OpenWHO provides lots of opportunities. I found it very useful that learning methods on disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment include not only written materials, but video clips with details, as well. I got acquainted with the new methodology on taking medications along with the modern diagnostics techniques”, says Dr Guliyeva.    

Sadaya Guliyeva, the Senior Nurse at the same policlinic, completed 75 online courses on OpenWHO training platform. She believes, the knowledge gained thanks to the platform is extremely helpful in the treatment of patients with COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.  

“We had numerous discussions with my colleagues upon this issue, most of them have already joined the courses upon my recommendation”, states the Senior Nurse by highlighting the advantages of the platform. She has no doubt that informative new programs are underway.   

“Every single healthcare worker needs to know all the themes presented on OpenWHO platform”, believes Imran Latifov, Nurse at Ujar District Central Hospital.

Imran who completed the courses on vaccine storage, medical waste management, and infection prevention and control calls on all healthcare workers to benefit from these free courses. He himself completed 63 courses.

“We need more courses in Azerbaijani”, he says.   

According to Dr Vusala Aliyeva from the pediatric policlinic №2, this platform is extremely useful in terms of professional development. The doctor completed 45 courses by continuously updating her essential knowledge.    

Improvement of knowledge and skills of healthcare workers is one of the main pillars of EU-WHO projects. World Health Organization continues to support the health system in the country for human resource development to build a healthy and viable future.