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Film contest “Life comes first on the road!” launched


A film contest on the topic “Life comes first on the road!” was launched within the framework of twinning project “Increasing Road Safety in Azerbaijan”.

Thus, both professional and amateur filmmakers can take part in the contest by clicking on this link and registering. The duration of the film should be up to 5 minutes.

The main objective of the contest is informing the public about road traffic safety, social consequences of road traffic accidents and correct behavior.

The purpose of this form of road safety education is to inform a wider audience, positively change the behavior of drivers and pedestrians and give more people the opportunity to express their creativity.

It should be noted that the twinning project is an initiative implemented by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to strengthen the legal and institutional framework of the road traffic safety system, create an effective management system in this area, as well as raise awareness of road traffic safety and form a culture of responsible and safe behavior on the road among citizens.

This project is funded by the European Union and its direct beneficiary is the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The project partners are the Centre for EU Transport Projects in Poland and the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration.

More information about the film contest can be found here.