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On 19-23 August, a hands-on ‘Rural tourism through village school lab took place in the Brahin and Lojeŭ districts of Belarus in the framework of the EU4Youth project.

On the first day, participants got acquainted with the history of the town during an excursion guided by Ales Muzychenka, an employee of the historical museum of Brahin. The second day in the Krasnaje agrotown included a introduction to recreational programmes and presentation of training manuals.

A cognitive and exploratory game ‘My village map’ was presented by its creator, a teacher and artist from Mazyr Volha Sukhanitskaya, while a second game, ‘Adventures of plants’, was tested by its author Hanna Vyhonnaya. The participants completed several tasks, discussed their possible development and exchanged experience in organising the game in different schools.

The event ended with the presentation of training manuals for the programmes ‘Craft’, ‘Marketing and Promotion’, ‘Entrepreneurship and Leadership’ prepared in the framework of the project. The teachers reported these would become a good basis for delivering trainings to students. The hands-on lab fulfilled its aims – it gave the participants flexible instruments, examples and topics for further use in their practice, as well as showing opportunities and directions for the development of rural tourism, such as nature study, history and culture, educational and recreational tourism, and how village schools and school gardens can play a key role in the process.

The EU4Youth project School Garden for Agricultural Entrepreneurship aims to foster the employability and active participation of young people in disadvantaged rural areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova in society and the economy by developing modern labour, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and promoting new professional opportunities.

The EU4Youth initiative supports the employment opportunities and active citizenship of young people in the six Eastern partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

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