EU4Environment: gender mainstreaming sessions for greening national industries in Armenia, Moldova and Azerbaijan


  • Cross-cutting areas
  • Gender issues
  • Connectivity, energy efficiency, environment and climate change
  • Environment & climate change

The EU4Environment project is to organise a two-day training session on Gender Sensitisation in Greening the National Industry in Armenia next month, and in Moldova and Azerbaijan later in the year, thus completing the training cycle in all the six Eastern Partner countries.

The series is organised by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) under EU4Environment.

Gender mainstreaming has been internationally recognised as a benchmark strategy for achieving gender equality. Mainstreaming ensures that gender perspectives and a focus on the goal of gender equality are well integrated in all activities (policy development, legislation, research and advocacy, resource allocation, and the planning, implementation and monitoring of projects).

UNIDO aims at enhancing the role of women as drivers of poverty reduction, promoting female investors and entrepreneurs, and recognising the link between gender equality and safeguarding the environment all promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation.

EU4Environment aims to help Eastern partner countries to preserve their natural capital and to increase people’s environmental well-being, by supporting environment-related action, demonstrating and unlocking opportunities for greener growth, and setting mechanisms to better manage environmental risks and impacts. 

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