EU supports the State Statistical Committee and the State Tax Service to strengthen collection, analysis and dissemination of business statistics


We are pleased to announce that the Twinning project “Support to the State Statistical Committee and the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy to strengthen collection, harmonization, analysis, publishing and dissemination of business statistics” funded by the European Union will be officially launched by the Kick-off event on 29 September 2020, via videoconference.

The project is jointly implemented by the Statistics Finland (Project Leader), Statistics Lithuania and Statistics Netherlands. The main beneficiaries are The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, The State Tax Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan and The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development Agency.

The overall objective of the Twinning project is to increase capacity among local operators to collect, process, harmonise, analyse, publish and disseminate business statistics measuring the performance of the private sector in Azerbaijan.

The project envisages missions that seek to improve the capacity of the State Statistical Committee and the State Tax Service in order to strengthen statistical business registers and to align business statistics methodology with EU standards.

The project has a budget of 1 million Euros and the duration of project is 17 months and started on 25June 2020.

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