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EU Intellectual Competition – Apply now!


Attention! In celebration of the European Year of Skills, we are thrilled to invite you to the EU Intellectual Competition hosted by the Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan and Young European Ambassadors to be held on Saturday 2 March 2024.

🧠 Title: “How well do you know the European Union?”

This Youth Intellectual Competition is your chance to elevate your analytical, leadership, and communication skills. Dive into the rich history, values, institutions, and cultural tapestry of Europe in a fun and interactive way.

🔍 Why participate?

1. Boost your skills and knowledge;
2. Form connections with like-minded individuals;
3. Engage in dynamic discussions.

➡️To register for the event:

⏳Deadline for Applications: February 20, 18:00

Don’t miss out on this premiere opportunity to become a European aficionado! 🌟 Apply now and embark on a journey of intellectual growth.