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EU-funded project implemented by Education HUB held “Social entrepreneurship forum”


The forum took place within “Azerbaijani Impact days” tailored events which are being held between October 10-13. “Azerbaijani Impact days” event is implemented within the framework of the “Collaborate for Impact” program of the European Venture Philanthropy Association and funded by the European Union. The official partner in Azerbaijan is Education HUB.

In the forum the representatives of public, private, bank, government and other sectors attended. The main topics of the forum are social entrepreneurship, legislation on social entrepreneurship, innovation and so on. The panel discussions, sessions are being hold on the forum. The forum gathered about 100 eco system players together.

The forum was held in two directions. During the formal part the forum was being opened and invited guests hold speeches:

Gulnara Ismailova, Program Manager of Education HUB, made an opening speech. During her speech, she emphasized: “The forum held within the framework of “Azerbaijan Impact Days” plays an indispensable role for the development of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Azerbaijan. I hope that the forum will successfully complete its work and achieve the set goals.”

Orkhan Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency, said during his speech: “One of the factors affecting successful and sustainable economic development in the modern era is the support given to social entrepreneurship. Against the background of the increasing role of entrepreneurship in the country’s economy, social entrepreneurship is also developing.”

Chairman of the Board of the State Employment Agency Mustafa Abbasbeyli said, “One of the main goals set by the State Employment Agency is the development of social entrepreneurship in our country. That is why a working group for social entrepreneurship was created under the leadership of the State Employment Agency, which is represented by the state, private, NGO and other sectors, and continues its work successfully.” noted in his speech.

Chairman of the Board of Innovation and Digital Development Agency Inara Valiyeva said during her speech: “Social entrepreneurship requires an innovative approach. We, as the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, always support startups that are examples of social entrepreneurship. We ensure their participation in both local and international programs.”

Victor Giner, Program Manager of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, noted: “Azerbaijan Impact Days” implemented within the framework of the “Collaborate for Impact” program is a first in our country. This event, implemented with the financial support of the European Union, is a great impetus for the development of social entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan. We, as the European Union, are always interested in this matter.”

Member of the Parliament, Vugar Bayramov said, “As a national assembly, social entrepreneurship is always a topic on the agenda for us. It is exceptional to create a legislative framework for the development of this field, which is new for our country,” in his speech.

During her speech, Sakina Babayeva, Chairperson of Azerbaijan Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Association (AQSIA), noted: “The number of women entrepreneurs in our country is increasing day by day. This shows that women play a big role in strengthening sustainable social economy.”

Then the forum continued with the informal part. During this part panel discussions on the topics of social entrepreneurship, finance support for SE’s, legislation on SE, integration of SE to government program and so on. were hold.

At the end of the forum, opinions were exchanged about the importance of social entrepreneurship, the work done in the direction of the development and promotion of this field in our country, the proposals of the participants were heard, and their questions were answered.