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EU and UNDP announce a Call for Volunteers to be involved in vocational education


The “VET Volunteer” initiative is implemented as part of the “VET for the Future” project and supports activities to involve youth to vocational education in Azerbaijan. The volunteers will participate in the process of promoting innovations in vocational education and will contribute to their personal development. 

Those who studied in all vocational education institutions under the State Agency on Vocational Education and graduated in the last 5 years can apply to this initiative to become a VET volunteer.

VET Volunteers will be able to take advantage of a number of activities in the following areas:

• To participate in the implementation process of social initiatives and socially oriented projects delivered by vocational education institutions;

• To gain experience in the organisation of promotion works of vocational education among youth in the area where they study and live;

• Form their work skills such as taking initiative, project management, organisation, responsibility, and planning within the framework of voluntary activities;

• To discover one’s own potential and develop as a professional specialist in their specific vocational direction while participating in various professional activities;

• To gain practical knowledge in a number of vocations while joining as a participant and/or organiser in the events organised and/or participated by SAVE, as well as vocational education institutions. 

Furthermore, within the framework of the “VET Volunteer” initiative, it is planned to conduct trainings and events for development of volunteers, also implement small-scale social activities.

To apply, one should complete and send the following form by 13 November 2023, 18:00

Form link:

Applicants will be invited for an interview by 25 November and selected candidates will be informed by 1 December. In total, up to 80 women and men volunteers are expected to benefit from this initiative.


Supporting pilot actions to engage youth in vocational education is realised  by the “VET for the future: development of VET providers’ excellence in Azerbaijan” project, funded by the European Union and implemented by UNDP with SAVE. The project aims to support the modernisation of VET providers in Azerbaijan and increase the labour market relevance of vocational education.