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Aynur Kerimli – a pickle business


Aynur Karimli lives in Sheki with her two sisters, Nigar and Salima. As an expert cook, Aynur had  always wanted to start a pickle business. So when an EU funded project approached the sisters during the post COVID-19 period, offering support , Aynur’s dream business began to take shape. The project supported the sisters from scratch. It provided them with vegetables, jars  and other necessary goods tp start preparing packaged products. So the sisters started experimenting with many recipes  and in one season, they produced a variety of pickles and jams including cucumber pickles, onion vinegar, compote, fig jam, crushed tomatoes, and salted cranberries under the label “ANS” (Aynur, Nigar, Salima). In total they made300 bottles. Although there were problems with sales at first, these difficulties were overcome with the project’s help. Negotiations took place with restaurants and that boosted the sales. Since the sisters live near the main road, they were able to market and sell their products more easily. Aynur said: “You get help once and if you have desire to learn, you will go forward.”