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The EU Delegation held “Talent Acquisition and Skills for the 21st Century”  training


The Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan organised the second in a series of workshops as part of the “Get the right skills” campaign. The “Talent Acquisition and Skills for the 21st Century” training workshop featuring the founder and director of the Azerbaijan HR Institute Emil Huseynov took place at the Landmark Rotunda on Saturday 20 April, providing young people with insights into navigating future job markets and upgrading their skills.

The European Union announced 2023-2024 as the European Year of Skills, which aims to give a fresh impetus to lifelong learning, empowering people and companies to contribute to the green and digital transitions, supporting innovation and competitiveness.The series of workshops that are taking place as part of the campaign aim to support young people with career planning, learning and  scholarship opportunities, as well as inspiration to consider startups and entrepreneurship.

“The European Union and Azerbaijan have a strong partnership that is committed to human development and preparing young people for future job markets,said Peter Michalko, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Azerbaijan. “In a rapidly changing world we need to ensure that people have access to the right information and skill improvement opportunities to adapt to the labour market. Through this campaign we want to emphasise that it is never late to get the right skills for better jobs and better salaries.” the EU Ambassador added.

The first workshop attracted 100 participants who came to learn about different study and work opportunities within the EU including Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corp, College of Europe and many others. The campaign events will continue with many more activities including a Skills for Small Businesses workshop, and a culminating “Agora” event with special guests who will inspire future generations.  

The aim of the “Get the right skills” campaign “ is to show that it is never too late to gain new skills or the right skills for the jobs of the future. The European Union is a longstanding and strategic partner of Azerbaijan in many important areas such as higher education, vocational education, regional development, culture, health and others. With EU support many people have started businesses, engaged in agricultural production, learned new skills, and received training.