Strengthening the institutional capacity of MoJ in introducting ADR mechanisms and provision of legal aid services to the population

Project Description

The overall objective of the Project is to improve access to justice for citizens and businesses through strengthened capacity of the Ministry of Justice in introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms and improved legal aid policy and provision. In that sense, the Project mainly aims at contributing to a more predictable and safer business environment and at enhancing access to justice by introducing mediation and other ADR mechanism as a way to solve family, labor, and commercial disputes.

Specific Objective

– To develop policy framework on ADR, in accordance with existing national legislation and European best practices;
– To establish a pool of ADR national trainers and practitioners;
– To support provision of ADR in all forms of disputes;
– To educate business owners and general public on ADR;
– To conduct mapping of existing ADR practices and providers in Azerbaijan;
– To conduct legal research on adjudication of small claims and repetitive cases in accordance with EU best practice;
– To provide primary and secondary legal aid support to the businesses and population, with primary focus on vulnerable groups.

Expected Results

One of the main results to be achieved is enhancing access to justice for citizens and businesses in the country by further developing the newly established mediation system and by potentially improving it through the development of a coherent policy on legal aid. Other expected results are including, but not limited to build the institutions in the capacity that empower vulnerable groups of population and to further improve their efficiency.

Project Map

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.



  • Priority Area:
    Strengthening of institutions, good governance and security

  • Region: Absheron

  • Project Type: Local

  • Start Date: 2019-10-14

  • End Date: 2021-10-12
  • Implementing Organisation:

  • EU Contribution:
    €999 566

  • EU Project Number:
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