Improvement of the quality of pre-primary and primary education through community-based groups

Project Description

Azerbaijan has put significant efforts to transform its education sector during the past decades. Despite of the certain achievements, the country is still challenged by low quality of education services. Overall, the education sector lacks the relevant platforms to identify, discuss and meet the needs of the various communities.
The project is about the establishment of CPECs where kids aged 3-5 year old will enhance their capacity in four development areas and improve the quality of primary education in the targeted 50 schools through the collaboration of CPA and school. The project aims to achieve better quality education services in the rural disadvantageous communities of Azerbaijan through the civic participation at the pre-primary and primary levels. The project mostly targets strengthening the capacity and participation of civil society in the delivery of the pre-primary services, as well as sustain participation of the parents in the governance and monitoring of the education services at the primary level.

Specific Objective

The project has two specific objectives:
– 3-5 year old children in targeted communities have increased enrolment to the pre-primary level education services through community-based civic groups;
– School-community relations are strengthened through active engagement of parents in the monitoring of the delivered education services at the primary level ensuring transparency and accountability practices.

Expected Results

– An increased access, improved economic conditions for the households, especially for women who can get more free time, which can be utilized for work or study;
– In a longer term, the action improves the future welfare of the children in the targeted communities through better earning/employment opportunities, and overall quality of life perspectives;
– An increased capacity of parents to participate in quality assurance of delivered services;
– Better home environment for children’s learning;
– Improved transparency and accountability practices.

Project Map

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.


Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  • Priority Area:
    Mobility and people-to-people contacts

  • Region: All Azerbaijan

  • Project Type: Local

  • Start Date: 2018-10-01

  • End Date: 2021-03-31
  • Implementing Organisation:
    Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

  • EU Contribution:
    €646 822

  • EU Project Number:
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