EU4Energy Governance (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus)

Project Description

The EU4Energy Governance Project is a technical assistance project funded by the European Union, under the EU4Energy Initiative. It targets policymakers working in the energy sector of Eastern Partner countries and helps them strengthen their legislative, as well as regulatory frameworks and identify investment opportunities in key energy infrastructure projects.

Specific Objective

In the context of the EU4Energy Governance project, the Energy Charter Secretariat is cooperating closely with the Governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus in order to provide technical assistance to improve the rules and regulations governing the countries’ energy sectors.

The project has worked to identify best practices in the EU that could correspond to each country’s particular energy goals, needs and situations.

Expected Results

Since 2016 areas of work have included improving energy efficiency regulations and enforcement, enhancing the investment climate in countries’ energy sectors and promoting of stakeholder consultations among others.

Project Map

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.


Energy Charter Secretariat

  • Priority Area:
    Connectivity, energy efficiency, environment and climate change

  • Region: Whole country or multi-country

  • Project Type: Local

  • Start Date: 2016-01-01

  • End Date: 2020-12-31
  • Implementing Organisation:
    Energy Charter Secretariat

  • EU Contribution:
    €1 200 000

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