EU for Integrity-The OECD Anti-Corruption Network (ACN) Action for the Eastern Partnership

Project Description

The Action aims to support the Eastern partner countries in implementing evidence-based anti-corruption policies, stepping up the enforcement of anti-corruption legislation in line with the international standards and good practices, thereby meeting the relevant targets of the EU-EaP ‘20 Deliverables for 2020’ and the EU-EaP policy framework post-2020, the EU’s relevant rules, international standards and good practices.

The objectives of the Action will be achieved through regular and tailor-made anti-corruption peer reviews, regional analysis and pressure tools based on anti-corruption performance indicators, as well as developing and promoting policy recommendations, regional experience sharing and capacity building on dedicated thematic areas, such as law enforcement action against corruption, business integrity and integrity in education.

Specific Objective

-Strengthening evidence-based anti-corruption policy development and implementation of anti-corruption reforms;
-Reinforcing law enforcement action against high-level corruption;
-Strengthening integrity in specific corruption-prone sectors: education and business.

Expected Results

-Improved anti-corruption performance under three overarching pillars: i) anti-corruption policy, legal and institutional frameworks; ii) prevention of corruption, iii) enforcement of criminal responsibility for corruption.
-Strengthened role of CSOs in anti-corruption policy development and monitoring, including their engagement with relevant state bodies in charge of decision-making.
-Higher enforcement rate of high-level or complex corruption cases in the EaP countries.
-The EaP countries prioritise business integrity measures in their anti-corruption policy.
-Increased awareness of systemic weaknesses to promote integrity in education and of sound policy responses to reduce corruption risks, build resilience and enhance integrity.

Project Map

* Locations on the map are indicative and may not reflect precise location.


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